Vaginal Rejuvenation

Be thin and attractive after massive weight loss, improve your stomach, hips, buttocks, outer thighs and back region.




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You can recover characteristics of youth with this surgery, the hymen reconstitution, mons pubis and G point reduction, are performed to correct the labia when they are large or small in relationship to the genital area.


How is made?

The surgery is performed in the external female genitalia aim to counteract the changes that occur over time in the life of a woman, looking to improve genital aesthetics and functionality through a correction of anomalies or simple appearance imperfections.


What causes the need for this surgery?

The causes that weaken the pelvic floor and justify this procedure to improve genital function, are:


Pregnancy: by uterine weight.

Delivery: as the baby passes through the vagina.

Postpartum: by early abdominal exercise, perform jumps, playing sports or carrying weight.

Sports: especially those of "jumps" and "impact"

Menopause: by hormonal changes, as they cause loss of flexibility and atrophy and hypotonia.

Heredity: two out of ten women have pelvic floor muscles weakness.

Daily habits: hold urine, wearing tight clothes, singing practice, playing wind instruments.

Other causes: obesity, constipation, chronic cough, stress and others.



Vaginal Rejuvenation will enhance the vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. It will effectively decrease the internal and external vaginal diameters as well as build up and strengthen the perineal area. Sexual and aesthetic gratification is achieved with this surgery.


The trust you place in Genesis Clinic, is supported by the professionalism and ethics of physicians and highly qualified staff and we demand that everyone working your health count with the necessary licenses as the certification by the Board of the Specialty we hold.



Requirements for Surgery

The ideal patient is one who is aware of her image, knows what she likes and don’t in her body, and know exactly what she want to change.


Be between 18 and 60, preferably.

Body Mass Index (BMI) within the parameters of the procedure.

Do not suffer from psychological disorders.

Ensure adequate postoperative follow.


As with any surgery, intervention is conditional, when the patient has high blood pressure tables, uncontrolled diabetes, heart, lung, kidney and liver diseases.





















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