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Lipomax RF®

Innovating equipment that use multiple technologies like Radio frequency, Ultrasound and Photo-pneumatic Massage with infrared light, everything in a single ideal equipment for Anti-cellulites treatments, Pre and Post Liposuction and Body Molding.

Lumicell Touch®

The system that altogether combines the technology based on the use of infrared light and magenta light for the stimulation of the cells with the massage of pneumatic suction in deeper sub-skin layers for the corporal molding and cellulites treatment in an effective way.


Superficial painless skin peeling that removes until 30% of the Epidermis, eliminating the dead cells and the skin damaged by the dust, air and the sun.

Pulsed light Photo-facial

The photo rejuvenation is the visible improvement of the skin using a laser or light source that selects the areas of the skin damaged by the sun and the age in which superficial wrinkles, enlarged slackness, rugged skin, pores and irregular pigmentation exist.


Relaxation Massage

Designed with the unique intention to relieve stress; it is a massage of moderate pressure that focuses in the main tension points: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back and Feet. Duration: 50 min.

Sport Massage

This massage technique is specifically focused to the needs associated with injuries or muscular tension. The intention of this massage is to increase the flexibility and diminish the pain concentrate in body areas that require special attention.

Hot Stone Massage

The original therapy of the Stone consists of reuniting the 4 main elements of the Earth. The hot Stones provide a deep and warm massage that helps to diminish the tension.

Body Exfoliation

Ex-foliation based in aromatic salts to retire died cells of the epidermis and promote the hydration of all the body.

Duration: 35 min.

Massage with Aromatherapy

A therapy in which essential oils of herbs and flowers are applied in the body inducing to the relaxation and increasing energy, reducing the effects of fatigue and stress.

Fiancée Veil

Indulge your skin with a face and corporal cleaning, vigorous ex-foliation, corporal envelope and customized mask, sealing the processing with a paraffin occlusion to obtain a hydrous and radiating skin.

Duration: 120 min.

Body Mask

A therapy that includes a purifying cleaning, an ex-foliation and a corporal mask to decontaminate and to recover the hydration and firmness of the skin; finalizing with a smooth massage.

Duration: 90 min.

Hydrating Facial

Using a smooth exfoliator for cellular renovation, hydrating mask and we finished with smooth manipulations on face and neck.

Customized Deep Cleaning Facial

Totally customized European style for optimal benefits; this facial includes an analysis of the skin, an exfoliation, massage of deep cleaning and a mask following the type of skin.

Permanent Makeup & Micro Clinical Pigmentation

It is a procedure that is realized by the application of natural pigments in the skin, using the best quality standards, for the permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyes, lips, besides the correction of scars originated by a surgery or some traumatism.

Dental Beauty

Feel free to visit us and our professionals will help you to decided the right treatment for you, of course you can have a whitening session with the latest Zoom® technology.

Facial Acne Treatment

With the use of salicylic acid to control and to improve the appearance of the skin.

Tanning Salon

Latest & safest equipment, get the tan you want in a few minutes, the effective indoor tanning salon in Spa by Genesis®.


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