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The Genesis Clinic was founded on March 7th 1994 by Dr. Eduardo Góngora.


The Doctors at Genesis Clinic are highly qualified and have extensive credentials in plastic surgery. Our clinic is friendly staffed, fully equipped and is solely devoted to the enhancement and correction of the body and facial structure.


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Our Mission

Feeling self conscience about the way one looks can affect your life. It produces a negative image that the people sense.


When we feel good about the way we look it gives us the confidence to do anything. Self-image is the key to reach ones full potential.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

2 fully equipped operating rooms.

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At The Genesis Clinic we would like to give you the opportunity to reach that potential. Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico is much more affordable and you can have the same results as the high priced surgeons that work on the rich and famous.

Member of AMCPER, board certified by CMCPER, member and Vice President, of CCPERBC.

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The Doctor

47 years of age and has been in his own practice since 1994, when he founded the Genesis Clinic.


He received his General Practitioner Degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, México. He attended the University for 6 years.


The doctor received his Plastic Surgery Degree from Universidad de México in Magdalena de las Salinas, Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social where he attended for 4 years.



As a member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Aesthetic and Re-constructive Surgery and board certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic Surgeons  since 1994, member of the Association of Plastic and Re-constructive Surgeons of Baja California since 1996 & Actual President of CCPERBC College of Plastic & Re constructive Surgeons of Baja California.


Doctor Góngora regularly attends  and gives seminars and classes in Mexico and the U.S. to continue his education and maintain a leading edge on innovations in the field of plastic aesthetics and re-constructive surgery.

Eduardo Góngora Alejandre, MD.

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